A firm that has always put quality first, is now ISO9001 accredited


Providing a high quality service to their customers has always been paramount and part of local electrical, firms’ ethos. Recently, Townsend has been awarded the ISO9001 certification. When Managing Director Mark Shepherd took over the business in the year 2000, not only did he want to expand the business but wanted to maintain and build the overall quality of the services they provide to their customers and be recognised for such. “Meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations is very important to us as a business. We’re always improving our staffs’ skill set by implementing training programs and offering further study to the workforce. Which, not only enhances their skills but, as a business we can expand and offer more services.” says Managing Director, Mark Shepherd. A number of staff have been with Townsend for over 20 years Manager Paul Huntley adds “Over the years working for Townsend, there has been new legislations to adhere to and accreditations implemented in the business but, one area the business that all of our team focuses on, is the service we provide our customers. We’re also pleased we have a great team of lads on the tools who demonstrate a professional and friendly image whilst working on projects.”

One area Townsend is looking to expand into is the renewable sector however, as with a number of processes to tender it’s becoming more and more common to be asked if a business is ISO9001 accredited. Nathan Cass say’s “We have always embraced the booming renewable industry that Grimsby is seeing at the minute. Now we’re ISO9001 accredited and we’ve also recently put 2 of our lads through an offshore survival course we hope to be able to extend our services into this sector.”

Townsend are one of a number of businesses in the local area with this certified accreditation and no doubt this will become a vastly growing trend within the business community. “We have set processes which we adhere to within the business, which have worked and been managed well in-house. It was a compliment to know that our organisation demonstrated good standards and implemented all the requirements for a Quality Management System Standard.” adds Mark Shepherd. The ISO9001 accreditation is widely recognised and one that Townsend is proud to say they have.

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Local Business Reaches New Heights in the Renewable Sector
From left AIS Grimsby Manager Chris Holden, Townsend Managers Nathan Cass, Paul Huntley, Electricians Darren Emmons and Courtney Humphrey.

Townsend Est 1947 is one of the oldest businesses in Grimsby and has expanded dramatically over the years since new Managing Director Mark Shepherd took over in 2000. The 68 year old business started by offering electrical services and over time has expanded into plumbing, heating, buildings maintenance and now renewables.

With the renewable industry investing heavily into the Grimsby area, Townsend have successfully been able to expand their business whilst working with AIS Training. AIS Training have recently themselves, invested into the area with their new site based at the Catch facilities in Immingham.

Townsend have embraced the renewable and wind industry coming to the area and whilst working with AIS Training, Townsend now have 2 trained staff Darren Emmons and Courtney Humphrey who have passed their off-shore survival training, which will enable them to work within the thriving industry.

Townsend Managing Director Mark Shepherd says. “So much investment has already been ploughed into the area of which so many businesses have and will continue to gain from, thanks to the renewable sector. But, we wanted to be a part of the growing industry. Being able to offer further development and exciting paths for our staff seemed like a fantastic investment for us to make and that’s why, we decided to work with Chris Holden from AIS Training.”

New Site Manager Chris Holden says. “AIS have not been in Grimsby very long, we’re proud to already be working so closely with local businesses who are not only embracing the renewable industry but choosing to work with us where their training needs are concerned. The relationship with Townsend was formed after an introduction at the GRP (Grimsby Renewable Partnership) and the monthly events have enabled us to build a relationship.” “Having AIS Training so local to us is great for the area and I’m pleased we’ve been able to work with AIS where our lads training is concerned.” adds Nathan Cass, Townsend Manager.

Townsend already have other staff lined up ready to send for numerous different training activities. As their business grows they’ll be sending staff on different training courses to not only renew their courses but, to enhance their already impressive portfolios. In turn, this will enable the electricians, plumbers and building maintenance staff to embark in new areas and take on different challenges whilst the business expands its services.

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